Finally Moved

I have finally found a new home for Ariadne’s Thread and Arachne’s Tapestry. Right this way. Here’s the explanation for why, an excerpt from the top post at the new location:

So. Moved the blog. Why?

Well, for one thing, WordPress has been getting harder to use, not easier. It’s been doing things like truncating posts and reformatting stuff randomly, certain things just stopped working in Firefox, all kinds of crap. Reporting bugs is difficult, annoying, and never seems to get anything done. Time for a new platform.

Also, though, I’ve come to really despise the company WordPress. There were various things, but the really big one was this: There was an attack blog that specifically targeted and outed trans women, endangering their homes, their livelihoods, and their lives. It was clearly a violation of the WordPress terms of service. WordPress, after months of complaints, finally took the blog down. The bigots complained. WordPress put the site back up, and it is still there.

WordPress is intentionally and knowingly hosting a blog that is harming trans women, some of the most vulnerable and endangered people in our society. The assault, rape and murder stats on trans women are terrifying. I’m close to a number of trans women, and my wife is one of them. I don’t want to provide any more content or traffic to a site that would do this to them.

So, it took a while, but now I’ve moved. All the posts are over there, not that there are many of them. The comments are being lost, since the new platform, Ghost, hasn’t yet implemented native comments, and I don’t think I can import them to Disqus (a purely temporary solution). Not that there have ever been many here.

At some point, the posts here will disappear, except for a link to the new location of the post.

Ghost doesn’t automatically post to other sites, so I’ll have to do that manually. I know many people only read this blog by clicking over from Twitter or Tumblr or whatever. But if you actually want to keep up with it, you might want to bookmark it, because I may not always remember. At some point, I’ll add an RSS feed option.

See you over there, I hope.


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