About MadGastronomer

Hi there. I’m the MadGastronomer. You can call me MG or MadG if you like, because MadGastronomer is a bit long. It’s a name I use pretty consistently across the internet, and I’m the only one who uses it. If you see a MadGastronomer about, that will be me. I’m on Tumblr, Twitter, Dreamwidth, and Ravelry under that name, and can be reached at a gmail address with that handle.

I’m 34, a woman, queer, pagan, and white. I describe my religious practice as Hellenic-eclectic solitary Wicca, which means that I use Wiccan ritual forms and holidays, and primarily Ancient Greek gods and symbols, but will borrow from wherever suits me, and I practice mostly alone. My matron goddess is Hekate, and my patron god is Dionysos. Makes life interesting, I can tell you.


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